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Laptops - You get what you pay for!

I get customers coming all the time with newer laptops that are running very slow. They complain that it was fast when they first bought it but now it's running so slow that they can’t get online.  After looking at them, the first thing we look at is how much ram they have and what speed/type of CPU. 

Usually in the "Cheaper" priced laptops they only have 2 gb ram and slower speed single core cpu's!  For Windows 7 and 8, you want a minimum of 4 gb ram, 6-8 is preferred and a dual core cpu.  Quad cores are of course much better.

The next things we look for are added tool bars in your web browser. You know, the search bars the have links to other websites listed that you have no idea how they got there?  Well that’s we hear from most people. These are installed when you download some updates or games and programs from the internet. These are usually some form of advertising to help pay for the "Free" thing you installed. They can pile up on your browser and slow it down and shrink the working space you have. These need to be un-installed or turned off.

Another thing we look for is excessive background tasks. Each icon on your task bar, the area where your clock is, uses some system resources to be there ready for you to use them. They are not necessary to use the programs, just to show you they are there and easier to get to. All can usually be turned off on start-up. 

These are basics to get a system running at top speed. These things also work great on desktop PC's!  If your having speed issue, bring you laptop or computer on down and we'll see if we can help you out!

Be very careful of emails!

New virus alert!!!!!  There are some new virus' out now that are coming for emails that "Look" like they are from someone you know! They may even have the name of a friend in the title. If you look at the email address with it, which will be the clue as to if it's legit or not. Also were seeing a lot of these type emails where the names are all in caps, this too is a giveaway. If you open one of these emails, it will have a hyperlink inside that you click on to take you to the virus, DON'T CLICK ON IT!  It's a trick and it will infect you if you don't have good AV software. We have seen it get through AVG, MacAfee, Avir and many others. So far Norton has caught it. It worked on my computer and warned me about it before it could infect me. 

Also the FBI virus is running rampant.  This one is really bad as it keeps you from getting into your computer the normal way.  It comes from websites usually but can also come from emails. The website ones are getting through everything right now. We had one customer bring his laptop in and we cleaned it and all was good until he went back to the same website and BAMM! Re infected it.  We should have charged him again but we didn’t. Kind of felt sorry for him!  LOL

Be safe out there and if you do get infected, bring it in ASAP or it will get worse!


Windows 8 is here! (2)

Windows 8 is here, well will be widely here on the 26th of October. This is going to be a BIG change. A lot like Vista was and could be a hard transition for most users. I myself have looked at Win8 computers and felt very confused by the interface. It will take some tweeking to get it "User friendly"!


Business users, I predict, will stay away and for a long time. 8 is geared towards touch screens like on the tablets and some versions will not be compatible with Win 7 apps. Major bummer if you ask me!


Biggest thing it's missing is the start button and the menu! What???? No start button??? Well there is another option, reconfiguration.  That’s where we come in. We can set it up like Win7 but it takes some time, like 1-2 hours.


Yes Win 8 will be a huge re-learning curve but once you get the hang of it, like all the other versions of windows, you will like it.  Well except for Vista, LOL!


Do you really need Windows 8?

Well Windows 8 is here! Hooray!!!! Not too much to really say about it but unless you REALLY need a new Pc, I suggest waiting to buy one or get a still available Windows 7 pc. We have lots in stock.  In fact since Windows 8 came out on October 26th, we have sold a total 0 computers with it on them and 12 systems with Windows 7. 

We still have them available and will for a while for anyone who doesn’t want the the new OS. Many Business customers don’t want to change and I don’t blame them. Windows 7 has only been out 3 years and just when everything to going good Microsoft makes a change. No one needs that extra headache.

How did I get infected

How did I get infected?

Good question! I hear this all the time. Well not from some customers, they KNOW how they got infected, lol. But for most it's a mystery. Well let’s see if I can shed some light on the subject!

First and foremost are you using a antivirus program and if so is it up to date? Most people are as it's free with most Internet services now. Only use 1 AV program and for heaven’s sake don’t use a free one use a name brand like Norton AV.


2nd, Have you been doing Microsoft updates to get all your security fixes? If MS find a hole in its security, they get an update out ASAP to close it up. You need these updates to stay clean and safe out there! And make sure your security setting's in control panel/internet options is set at the default levels.

3rd Watch what you download! If it's free from the internet, it most likely has some spyware of some sort to pay for itself! Be careful!

Lastly, watch were you surf! You will get infected on ADULT sites that are free, no doubt but you can also get infected from hijacked site in search engine results. Pay close attention to the results and the sites that are shown and look for funny names. Internet explorer 9 is very good at sniffing these out but isnt 100% so you have to pay attention!

Also sometimes there is no way to know how it happened. It's just too complicated. So get cleaned up and protected and you should be good to go!