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Customer service

Customer service has always been my #1 concern. I learned good customer service years ago when I worked at a Fred Meyer store.


Treating the customer as you would like to be treated is a great mantra!  I believe that this is one of the biggest reasons we have survived this long in business.


Customers in general are easy to please. Give them good service, at a fair price, in a timely manner and you'll have a customer for life! 


I was talking with a long time customer the other day and he mentioned how long he had been coming to me for his computer needs over the years and why.  We opened in August 1997, He came in that year and has been with us ever since because of our service to him! We see him about every 2 years or so. He has also sent in a number of friends on referral that were also satisfied with our service to do the same.


When working at Fred Meyers, they would tell us "The customer is always right!"  and to do what it took to make them happy. When we first opened, I had that same attitude and tried to help anyway possible, including giving away my work to make them happy.  Fortunately, that didn't happen very often! But there are times when the customer isn't right and they demand more than is reasonable. While we try our best to make them happy It's not always possible and maybe we shouldn’t do business. This has happened only a couple time's in our 15 years thank goodness.



Value for service is our next biggest concern. We want to fix your computer for the best cost to you and still make some profit for us. There are times we tell a customer, "this is not cost effective" and we end up losing work. We recommend that if repairing a computer is greater than 50% of replacement cost, then maybe it's time to consider replacing. Spending $250 to $300 fixing a 5 year old or older computer is usually not a good idea unless it's purpose built.  We would make more money on fixing it but it wouldn’t be money well spent for the customer.


Our 3rd goal is getting the job done quickly. We like to get computers in and out within about 3 days. If we have to order parts, it adds 2-3 more to that and we try our best to keep the customer informed on this. Some are very surprised we can get them done that fast while others need it done "Right now!". We try our best when it's critical including working late to get the job done fast.


Thanks to all our regular customers for you years of patronage and welcome to our new customers, were happy to help!

SSD Drives, The future is NOW!

A disk drive (spinning or solid) is your computer’s main storage medium. It stores various files such as your applications, documents, pictures, songs, videos, etc. All of this data is written to reside in any portion of the disk.

HDD drives have numerous mechanical parts - spinning  platters where your data is stored and an head that reads and writes the data. It takes an arm to move the head to read data from two different places on a disk, this movement is the seek time.

SSD drives do not have any moving parts. They use a kind of flash memory like USB thumb drives. Because there are no moving parts, they do not have to move the arm to read from two random sections of the disk. That results in significant speed improvement.

Given the greater speed benefits of an SSD, there’s no reason not to switch, right? But alas, SSDs come with a premium price tag. Hard drives are significantly cheaper - 1TB hard drives can be as cheap as $75. At that price, it's difficult to get anything more than 120GB of SSD. Prices are currently hovering around $0.50/GB.

The best use of a SSD drive at current sizes and costs is to use the fast SSD for your operating system drive and maybe a couple apps and store all your data, pictures, documents etc. on a HDD.  Using this configuration myself, I get approximately 7 second boot-up times with a very low end dual-core system.

Great, so what to do?
If you are currently using an HDD, and want to get an immediate performance improvement,  SSD is the one component that will give you just that. Just give us a call or stop in and we can give you a quote on upgrading your system and giving the speed boost your looking for!