Just seven months ago, Microsoft released its newest version of Windows, which is a huge departure from the previous version we’ve become accustomed to. In Windows 8, the start menu is gone, the settings and configurations are scattered all over the place, and the new interface can be a bit overwhelming. Windows users are frustrated and taking to their favored forums and social networks to vent and get advice. Lots of people have come to us wanting to set up Win7 instead, but if you’re sticking to your guns and wanting to learn how to make this version work for you, we have a tip that will make your power computing life much easier.  

Windows 8 God ModeWithin the new Windows 8 OS, there is a handy folder option called God Mode. It puts links to all the control panel and configuration settings back in one place so you can stop banging your head against your screen. Here’s how to invoke God Mode:

1. Open your file explorer and click on the ‘view’ tab. Check the boxes at the top-right that say “File name extensions” and “Hidden items.” Then you can close your file explorer.

2. Right click anywhere on the Windows 8 desktop and create a new folder. Do this by hovering over ‘new’ and clicking ‘folder’ in the drop down menu.

3. Once you have the new folder on your desktop, you’ll need to replace the name ‘New Folder’ with a special code. Cut and paste the following into the name of the folder: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

4. When you hit enter the folder will change into “God Mode.” When you open it, you will find a long list of control panel settings and wizards, separated into convenient sections.

5. You can leave this heavenly new folder on your desktop, or by right clicking on it and selecting ‘Pin to Start,’ you can pin it to the start page where it will have its own tile.

We hope this makes your transition to Windows 8 a little smoother!