I get customers coming all the time with newer laptops that are running very slow. They complain that it was fast when they first bought it but now it's running so slow that they can’t get online.  After looking at them, the first thing we look at is how much ram they have and what speed/type of CPU. 

Usually in the "Cheaper" priced laptops they only have 2 gb ram and slower speed single core cpu's!  For Windows 7 and 8, you want a minimum of 4 gb ram, 6-8 is preferred and a dual core cpu.  Quad cores are of course much better.

The next things we look for are added tool bars in your web browser. You know, the search bars the have links to other websites listed that you have no idea how they got there?  Well that’s we hear from most people. These are installed when you download some updates or games and programs from the internet. These are usually some form of advertising to help pay for the "Free" thing you installed. They can pile up on your browser and slow it down and shrink the working space you have. These need to be un-installed or turned off.

Another thing we look for is excessive background tasks. Each icon on your task bar, the area where your clock is, uses some system resources to be there ready for you to use them. They are not necessary to use the programs, just to show you they are there and easier to get to. All can usually be turned off on start-up. 

These are basics to get a system running at top speed. These things also work great on desktop PC's!  If your having speed issue, bring you laptop or computer on down and we'll see if we can help you out!