New virus alert!!!!!  There are some new virus' out now that are coming for emails that "Look" like they are from someone you know! They may even have the name of a friend in the title. If you look at the email address with it, which will be the clue as to if it's legit or not. Also were seeing a lot of these type emails where the names are all in caps, this too is a giveaway. If you open one of these emails, it will have a hyperlink inside that you click on to take you to the virus, DON'T CLICK ON IT!  It's a trick and it will infect you if you don't have good AV software. We have seen it get through AVG, MacAfee, Avir and many others. So far Norton has caught it. It worked on my computer and warned me about it before it could infect me. 

Also the FBI virus is running rampant.  This one is really bad as it keeps you from getting into your computer the normal way.  It comes from websites usually but can also come from emails. The website ones are getting through everything right now. We had one customer bring his laptop in and we cleaned it and all was good until he went back to the same website and BAMM! Re infected it.  We should have charged him again but we didn’t. Kind of felt sorry for him!  LOL

Be safe out there and if you do get infected, bring it in ASAP or it will get worse!